Parameter Error Codes

Folgende Fehlercodes kommen nur im Parameterteil vor. Der Großteil der Codes und Meldungen wurde aus PanelMate Siemens Communication Driver Manual und Panel & PLC Error Code Tables entnommen.

Error Code Description
0x0000 no error
0x0001 hardware fault
0x0003 object access not allowed: occurs when access to timer and counter data type is set to signed integer and not BCD
0x0004 context not supported
0x0005 address out of range: occurs when requesting an address within a data block that does not exist or is out of range
0x0006 address out of range
0x0007 write data size mismatch
0x000A object does not exist: occurs when trying to request a data block that does not exist
0x0101 communication link not available
0x010A negative acknowledge / time out error
0x010C data does not exist or is locked
0x0200 unknown error
0x0201 wrong interface specified
0x0202 too many interfaces
0x0203 interface already initialized
0x0204 interface already initialized with another connection
0x0205 interface not initialized; this may be due to an invalid MPI address (local or remote ID) or the PLC is not communicating on the MPI network
0x0206 can’t set handle
0x0207 data segment isn’t locked
0x0209 data field incorrect
0x0302 block size is too small
0x0303 block boundary exceeded
0x0313 wrong MPI baud rate selected
0x0314 highest MPI address is wrong
0x0315 address already exists
0x031A not connected to MPI network
0x0320 hardware error
0x0381 hardware error
0x4001 communication link unknown
0x4002 communication link not available
0x4003 MPI communication in progress
0x4004 MPI connection down; this may be due to an invalid MPI address (local or remote ID) or the PLC is not communicating on the MPI network
0x8000 interface is busy
0x8001 not permitted in this mode
0x8101 hardware error
0x8103 access to object not permitted
0x8104 context not supported
0x8105 address invalid. This may be due to a memory address that is not valid for the PLC
0x8106 data type not supported
0x8107 data type not consistent
0x810A object doesn’t exist. This may be due to a data block that doesn’t exist in the PLC
0x8301 not enough memory on CPU
0x8402 maybe CPU already in RUN or already in STOP
0x8404 serious error
0x8500 wrong PDU (response data) size
0x8702 address not valid
0xD002 Step7: variant of command is illegal.
0xD004 Step7: status for this command is illegal.
0xD0A1 Step7: function is not allowed in the current protection level.
0xD201 syntax error: block name
0xD202 syntax error: function parameter
0xD203 syntax error: block type
0xD204 no linked data block in CPU
0xD205 object already exists
0xD206 object already exists
0xD207 data block in EPROM
0xD209 block doesn’t exist
0xD20E no block available
0xD210 block number too large
0xD240 coordination rules were violated
0xD241 protection level too low
0xD242 protection violation while processing F-blocks; F-blocks can only be processed after password input
0xD401 invalid SSL ID
0xD402 invalid SSL index
0xD406 information doesn’t exist
0xD409 diagnosis: DP error
0xD802 this job does not exist
0xDC01 maybe invalid BCD code or Invalid time format
0xEF01 wrong ID2, cyclic job handle
0xFFCF API function called with an invalid parameter
0xFFFF timeout, check RS232 interface